Future Blog Post Ideas!

Now that the blogging challenge is over, I am lost on what to post. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment them!

During the challenge, I met Israa Abdulela and Ruby803! They commented on my About page and we discussed our similar interests and ideas! Thanks for reading!

Self-Auditing Reflection Post!

Hi everyone! For Week 8 of the blogging challenge, my teacher did not assign us any of the tasks. Instead, she’s having us reflect on ourselves. During the blogging challenge, I wrote 13 published posts and have 53 total comments on my blog. My favorite post to write was “My Emoji Art!” because it was fun to use MS Paint to create an emoji. I do not plan to keep posting in the future because I will most likely be inconsistent and I am not sure what to post. Thank you for reading about my journey through blogging!