HTML Commenting 101: How to Comment With All of the Cool Stuff 😸

So, I am a little late to make this post because I did not know I needed toπŸ˜…. But, late is better than nothing! So, welcome to my version of how to comment with HTML aka All the Cool Stuff in YouTube comments that you never knew how to do! Oh, by the way, commenting with HTML refers to bolding, underlining, and italicizing text!

To make a word bold, simply put <b>(insert word here)</b>Β  around it!
To italicize a word, simply put <i>(insert word here)</i> around it!
To underline a word, simply put <u>(insert word here)</u> around it!

I hope you found this helpful!

What This Asian Celebrates!

Hi! So, as you can tell, I’m Asian, and, I’m writing this to inform you about what I celebrate. The big holiday in my family, like many others, is Christmas πŸŽ…! After all, who doesn’t love getting presents! While we don’t usually have a Christmas tree, we still buy presents 🎁 for each other. One year, I even got a toy dog that walks!

Another holiday that we celebrate is Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒ! Most people don’t know, but I’m a vegetarian. My dad is also a vegetarian and my mom is vegan. So, while we don’t eat things like turkeys, we still eat things like pumpkin pie (which I love, by the way)!

The final holiday that we celebrate is Chinese New Year πŸ‰! We don’t do anything crazy, we just give all of our relatives and friends HongBao, the red envelopes that contain money! What holidays do you guys celebrate? I’m really interested!

STUBC Week 5 Musical Survey 🎡

Hey guys!

For week 5 of the STUBC, my teacher asked us to complete 4 of the 8 tasks. So, this is my second one, a survey! This survey asks about your preference of music to listen to. Personally, I like EDM and rap because I don’t really like slow songs or anything like that. I’m really interested in what everyone says! To take the survey click here!

Future Blog Post Ideas!

Now that the blogging challenge is over, I am lost on what to post. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment them!

During the challenge, I met Israa Abdulela and Ruby803! They commented on my About page and we discussed our similar interests and ideas! Thanks for reading!

Self-Auditing Reflection Post!

Hi everyone! For Week 8 of the blogging challenge, my teacher did not assign us any of the tasks. Instead, she’s having us reflect on ourselves. During the blogging challenge, I wrote 13 published posts and have 53 total comments on my blog. My favorite post to write was “My Emoji Art!” because it was fun to use MS Paint to create an emoji. I do not plan to keep posting in the future because I will most likely be inconsistent and I am not sure what to post. Thank you for reading about my journey through blogging!

My Emoji Art!

Hey Guys!

So, for week 6 of the blogging challenge, I chose for my second task to be creating an emoji. I chose to make an Asian emoji. Behold my creation:

Everything YOU Need to Know About a Flute 🎢

What’s up guys!

If you have read my about page, then you will know that I play the flute. This is my 4th year playing and I really enjoy it! Here are some facts about a flute:

  1. It was held vertically when it was first made
  2. The clarinet’s key placement is based on flute keys
  3. The flute is a woodwind
  4. It does not have a reed
  5. It takes a moderate amount of air to play
  6. It takes practice to play correctly (like everything πŸ˜‚)
  7. You do not place your finger on every key
  8. You can learn to play really high (Which is a lot of fun by the way)
  9. On a lot of advanced songs, you have to play really high really quickly, so you have to spend a lot of time practicing
  10. You get the melody on many songs, so, everyone has to play quieter so the audience can hear you!

Here is a picture of a gentleman playing a flute:

I hope this little list helped some of you guys understand the flute a bit better!

STUBC Week 5 Music Quiz 🎢

What’s up guys!

So, for Week 5 of the blogging challenge, I decided to make a quiz about music! If you read my about page, you will know that I play the flute. I am in my school’s advanced band so I also have a fair amount of knowledge on instruments. Take my quiz to put your knowledge to the test right here!

Emoji Story: Tam’s Version!

There was a bride who was in her car on the way to her wedding on a no-pedestrian road. There were horses in her car. Then, she went on a monorail and she had honey. Then she went snowboarding and became a princess and married an old man. She was angry and plotted EVIL things. Then, she went down a monorail and was sad and gave birth to a baby in a no-smoking zone. Then the baby learned how to ride a bike and throw a football. The baby then kissed a dog that had lipstick on it. Then a cat appeared, along with a monkey, and a fish and they were all happy to see a baby. A rabbit then came. A man appeared and stole the baby and brought it aboard a ship, the baby was really happy. The END!

Week 5 Playlist

For Week 5 of the Blogging Challenge, my playlist consists of only 2 songs: “Slide” by Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos and “Rollin” from Calvin Harris and Khalid. Then, I just put these songs on loop and play video games for hours on end. If you want to listen to these songs, I recommend looking them up on YouTube if you want to listen to them.