Commenting 101: A Guide to Commenting for Beginners

  1. Find a post that you want to comment on.
    1. You can do this by going to the Week 1 post (or any other week post) of the Blogging Challenge and clicking on 2019 Students at the top right
    2. Then, scroll down and click where it says “list of students” This will open up a Google Spreadsheet of all the participating students/classes
    3. Find someone around the same age and has similar interests
    4. Click on the blue text next to their name, this is called a URL, once you do that, you should be on their post for the week
  2. Click where it says comments on the post
  3. Type what you want to comment in the text box and hit “Comment”

My New Avatar

Today we created our own avatars.

I created my avatar using Cartoonify . I chose these features because I have shoulder length brown hair and I have brown eyes. I chose a purple hoodie because I like hoodies and purple is my favorite color.

Here is what my avatar looks like!