Warriors Doing a Hard Reset🏀

This week, my teacher challenged my class to write a summary of a scholarly article that we found related to our blog theme. I found an article about the Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, wanting to take his team on a vacation to Italy to “ride bikes and sip wine”. The reporter says that the Warriors have made it to the playoffs for five straight seasons and have had no time for breaks or vacations. So, it is not as crazy as most think.  The article also talks about how the Warriors lost Kevin Durant in a free agency and lost Klay Thompson due to a knee injury. The writer says that “The reality, though, is that the Warriors will be just fine if they miss the 2020 postseason. Chase Center will be full and sparkly no matter what happens — and they will be back in the 2021 title mix regardless.”So, it is safe to say that the Warriors are having a reset season. After all, they have lost some of their core players and are welcoming some newbies. My question for you is: Do you think the Warriors will make it to the postseason?

The article is linked here:

2 thoughts on “Warriors Doing a Hard Reset🏀

  1. I thought this was relay insetting and while reading I noticed that it look like fans might be against it and I was wondering what they are saying about it.


  2. Hey Tam,
    Losing their core players was probably rough, and maybe doing a reset is the best thing they can do. How did Klay Thompson injure his knee? Do you think he will be returning?
    – Jeffrey M.

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